FlexiTime Release - October 02 2017. Leave Request Changes


This weekend we introduced a few changes to leave requests.

Leave Approvers

The first change we've made is to limit the managers to whom leave request emails are sent. These emails were previously sent to all managers of the employee, as well as every Payroll Manager and Administrator.

Now there's a new Leave Approver user access role. Only users with this role will receive the emailed leave requests. This lets you specify, for example, that the manager who plans the roster receives the emails, but the duty manager who approves the time on a day by day basis doesn't receive them.

FlexiTime will now only escalate leave request emails to Administrator and Payroll Manager users if it was not sent to any managers. Note that even without the Leave Approver role, Administrators and Payroll Managers can still approve the leave requests directly in FlexiTime.

We've added the new Leave Approver role onto all users who we see have approved leave requests in the past. You might want to edit the user access yourself to refine who will receive the emails going forward.

We think that this should provide a lot more control for larger companies using the leave request functionality.

You can find out more about setting up Leave Requests and approvals here.

Leave Requests in the Employee Portal

Leave Requests can now be entered in our new Employee Portal. Under the new Leave tab, employees simply click on the first day of leave, click on the last day of leave, then choose the leave type. Fantastically simple!


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