JobAdder Integration


Recruitment companies using JobAdder can integrate this with FlexiTime. The following entities are sent to FlexiTime from JobAdder:


From JobAdder

To FlexiTime






Client Contact




For a new FlexiTime account (with no Jobs), active JobAdder placements will be sent through to FlexiTime, along with their associated clients and candidates.

For existing FlexiTime accounts, only new placements in JobAdder are sent to FlexiTime.

When the first new placement is created in JobAdder after the integration has been enabled, a new Work item will have been created in FlexiTime called either contract or temporary. There are some minor changes you should make to this under Setup > Work:

  • Change the Work Title to something more appropriate.
  • Set the Pay Code. Generally, this will be set to Job Based Pay.
  • Tick Job Mandatory.
  • Tick Requires Assigned Job.
  • On the Invoicing tab set the Charge Type.


JobAdder does not have all the information required to fully set up an employee in NZ. The following changes are recommended when a new employee is first created:

Under Employment set:

  • Pay Frequency
  • Tax Code
  • Tax Rate for WT contractors
  • IRD Number
  • ESCT Rate for temps on KiwiSaver
  • Bank account details

Under Pay Deductions add in any deductions for temps.

Under Leave for temps set:

  • Holiday Pay % to 8
  • Annual Sick Leave Entitlement to 5

Under Default Pay, add in GST if a GST registered contractor.

Additionally, you may want to set Payment Terms on newly created clients.

It could take up to 10 minutes for new entities to be passed through to FlexiTime from JobAdder.

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