Employee Portal - Leave Balances Definitions


The FlexiTime Employee Portal has been discontinued. If you'd like your employees to continue to record their timesheets, request leave and view their payslips we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


The NZ Holidays Act is a complex beast. Very few people understand its intricacies and quirks.

FlexiTime's Employee Portal aims to give employees as much information as possible to help them understand what their holiday and leave entitlements are, and how they have been worked out. With that in mind, we’ve provided some basic definitions below. For more detailed information, please refer to Employment New Zealand.




Available Leave:

The Annual leave figure shown is the Available leave balance, which includes both the current leave entitlement (the amount that is currently due) and leave that's accrued (which will become due at the next holiday anniversary). Many employers allow their employees to take both due and accrued leave, but this can vary from company to company.

The Sick leave figure is the available Sick leave balance for the current 12-month period.

The Alternative leave figure is the number of days off in lieu that have been accrued, usually from working on public holidays. 


Estimated Holiday Pay:

The Entitlement figure is the estimated value of any Annual Leave that is currently due - i.e. the amount of leave remaining from the entitlement that became due at the last holiday anniversary. This figure does not include the value of any leave accrued since the last employment anniversary.

The Accrued figure is 8% of the gross earnings since the last holiday anniversary.

Total Holiday Pay is the total of the Entitlement value plus the Accrued value. This amount is the estimate of what would be added to a Final Pay, although a bit extra will also be accrued in the Final Pay itself.


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