FlexiTime Release - April 1, 2017

This release contains the following changes:
  • Leave requests and work categories are now shown on emailed rosters.
  • If you don't show annual leave available on payslips, employees entering Leave Requests will now only see Annual Leave Due balances, rather than Annual Leave Available on their leave request.
  • The processing of IR348 files has been sped up. This change was made a month earlier than the rest of the release.
  • Recruitment companies can now enter invoice dates against pays. This allows a pay to have a different pay date (used to determine the tax period) from the invoice date for contractors (as shown on buyer created invoices and sent on the invoice to Xero). This change was made to accommodate the April 1 changes requiring the deduction of withholding tax for contractors.
  • Contractors with special tax code certificates at 0% will now be included in IRD filing to comply with the April 1st withholding tax change.
  • Show Everyone Assigned a Job on the Time Summary option panel is now available to users with the Job Manager role
  • When an account is cancelled it will now be necessary to re-subscribe to access the account in the future. The account can be cancelled again as soon as it is finished with. No data is ever deleted.
  • A warning will be displayed when changes are made to an employee's work pattern on the Employment tab, resulting in total hours that doesn't match the Normal Hours per Week on the Leave tab.
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