Xero API Outage - 8th March 2017


Xero experienced an API outage of approximately an hour and a half this morning, which affected FlexiTime's ability to send payroll and invoice data through. 

You can view the status of their API here - https://status.developer.xero.com/

We will attempt to resend payroll invoices over the next few hours now that their API is back up and running. These will be sent to your Purchases drafts in Xero. Any billing invoices will need to be resent from FlexiTime by you.


Steps FlexiTime users may need to take are:


Reconnecting Xero

First, there is a chance that you will need to re-connect to Xero, depending on what state the outage has left your connection in.

Under Setup > Company Settings > Connect, an active Xero connection will show a button saying 'Disconnect', in which case you won't need to do anything. 

If the button reads 'Authorise', you should click it and follow the prompts to reconnect with Xero.


Resending Payroll Invoices

If your FlexiTime account was disconnected from Xero, we may not have been able to resend your Payroll invoices for you. If your payroll invoices don't appear in Xero by the end of today (March 8th),  you can resend your payroll invoices by viewing the pay run, opening the Options dropdown, and selecting 'Resend to Xero'.



Resending Billing Invoices

To resend Billing invoices, simply open the Actions pane, select the bills you need to resend, tick 'Create Xero Invoices' and click 'OK'.

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