Change Casual to Salary


If an employee changes from casual to salaried there are some changes you can make in FlexiTime to make pay easier. 

In the Default Pay tab under the Employee Setup the employee may currently have the Ordinary Time pay code. If the employee will be receiving the same amount each pay period based on an annual salary amount then you can remove the Ordinary Time pay code and add the Salary pay code.

If the employee was receiving Holiday Pay as you Go they would have the Holiday Pay pay code in their Default Pay tab. This should be removed so they begin to accrue annual leave.

Time sheets can still be used for salaried employees, however, the ordinary time from time sheets won't be used to calculate the hours they are being paid. FlexiTime recommends that any leave taken by the employee is recorded in the time sheets, this then meets the requirements for a full record of leave.

You will need to make sure that the salary amount is correct on the Employment tab under Employee Setup. Also check the Days per Week and Hours per Day have been set correctly. If the employee works different hours on specific days of the week you can choose to view days and enter the hours worked on each day.

The employee may have an employment agreement that specifies they receive 4 weeks annual leave per year, regardless of the number of hours they work. If this is the case then you should select Accrue Leave Based On - Normal Hours per Week and enter the agreed number of hours per week from the employment contract.


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