Piecemeal Work


FlexiTime allows you to pay your employees for either time worked or for piecemeal work.   Piecemeal work means that you pay your employee for every unit they complete.   You can also pay a combination of time and units.

Create a Pay Code

Create a new Gross Earnings pay code for the piecemeal work.

Tick Units 'Other' and enter a brief description of the units - this will appear on the employees time entry screen as a prompt to enter the number of units completed

Tick 'Derived from Timesheet' to ensure that the pay is calculated based on timesheets entered. Tick 'Common to all Employees' only if all of your employees can use this pay code. Otherwise leave this field blank and instead add the pay code to each employees' Default Pay tab. 

You can either pay based on the employee's pay rates in which case select 'Normal' for the Pay Code Rate, or you can set up a default rate for this pay code by selecting 'None' and inserting a Default Rate. 

Your new pay code should look something like this. 




Create a New Work item and assign the new pay code to the work category. If you are using Time Billing, ensure the Charge Type associated with the Work has the appropriate Units. 




When entering time, the employee selects the Work and Category. If the Category selected has a piecemeal pay code, the time entry fields will be replaced with a quantity field.


Piecemeal work will not show on the Time Entry grid, but will show on Time Summary and Timesheet Approval screens



Create a new pay run for the period. Employees' piecemeal work will show on their pays and payslips with the Quantity and Rate. 



Time Billing

If your company uses Time Billing, piecemeal work can be invoiced to your clients, as defined on the Charge Type.

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