Time Portal Overview


PayHero Time Portal provides a beautiful, easy to use platform for your employees to record time, view pay history and update their contact details. Time Portal is an employee portal only - you aren't able to login as an Admin user.

Your employees can access the portal at portal.payhero.co.nz and login with their FlexiTime login details. If they don't already have login access, you can set them up with user access in FlexiTime.



The Time tab is where employees record their hours. They can click and drag in the calendar view to enter blocks of time, or they can use the table view to enter the total number of hours for a day.



The calendar view can be collapsed or expanded and Time Portal will remember each user’s preference.




The Pay tab shows employees all the information they need to understand how FlexiTime works out their leave and holiday entitlements. It also gives them quick access to their pay history where they can view and print previous payslips.

By default, employees can see:

  • Available leave balances (annual, sick, alternative)
  • Estimated holiday pay (entitlement, accrued, total holiday pay)

We've published a short glossary explaining all of the terms used in this section.



If you do not wish to show this information to your employees, you can hide the leave and holiday pay figures by logging into FlexiTime as an Admin user, going to Setup > Company Settings > Connect and ticking the 'Hide Leave Details' option for PayHero.



Employees can see a summary of their key average figures across the past 12 months and a graph showing the number of hours recorded against different types of work for each month.



Finally, employees can see a list of previous pays:



And click through to any of those pays for a full breakdown of their earnings and deductions for each pay period:



If you have any questions or feedback, please email support@flexitime.co.nz.

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